We are a leading manufacturer, supplier & Exporters of wheat flour, maida flour, Spices, sugar, pulses, Dehydrate and Freeze Dried Vegetables and Fruits. We have set-up the most modern and integrated facility for Vegetables and Fruits. These raw materials undergo quality inspection, careful sorting & dehydration ensuring maximum retention of flavor, aroma, color & taste. materials are then carefully milled into different fractions on our State-of-the-art milling facility ensuring strictest sanitation, food safety and hygienic conditions. Our facility is the most modern and integrated facility compared to the market.

We are a purely Innovation driven company, having a manufacturing unit speeded over 25,000 Sq. Ft. & R&D center in 5000 Sq. Ft...


Carefully selected wheat grains are thoroughly cleaned to remove all adhering impurities and blended before milling them to produce Maida, Semolina (Sooji), Atta, Chakki Fresh Atta and Bran. Clean and hygienically built and maintained mill building and warehouses ensures utmost hygienic products. Mill's water requirement is met from Rainwater Harvesting and modern filtration and treatment system, which ensures that water is useful for the food industry complying with Food Safety Standards.


The mill deploys jet filters in all its wheat cleaning and processing lines to ensure that the exhaust air let out to the atmosphere is totally free from dust. A Rain Water harvesting system with water treatment plant provides for mill’s total water requirement.


A team of highly efficient personnel from across the country operates under a Senior Milling Technologist to produce the desired product that always ensures consistency.


The Mill also has an in-house Lab to support the production processes. Lab is equipped with modern instruments such as NIR 9500, Lab Mill, Moisture Analyzer, etc. Regular monitoring of the quality of wheat by an experienced chemist helps in the quality assurance of raw materials and finished products.

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